Reducing energy consumption in social housing

Key Facts

  • The objective is to design, integrate and pilot an innovative solution for social housing
  • Our research has provided the technological base for the €5million EU ICE-WISH project aimed at monitoring and reducing energy consumption in social housing by 13% implemented in 10 EU countries
  • It has already received media attention in the countries in which it has been deployed. Here is one example
  • The system is currently installed in 30 dwellings in Spain, 30 in Belgium and 30 in Germany

About Intelligent control, energy and water wastage reduction In European Social Housing (ICE WISH)

This project uses mature and interactive ICT, to enable sustained reductions of energy and water consumption of at least 15% below the current practice.

The project will be implemented in 300 social dwellings in 10 European countries, raging from Denmark and Norway in the north, to Spain, Italy and Greece in the south.

The ICE-WISH system will provide a user-friendly and widely accessible ICT-based service to engage the individual households as activities players in developing water and energy conservation practices.

The project aims to provide effective and real-time ICT monitoring and control of energy, water usage, environmental conditions and user behaviour. The project also hopes to provide the social landlords, local, regional and national public decision-making with real-life information in order to encourage them to implement environmental-energy-related policy actions, incentives or/and investments decisions at public and private level.

The system will be operational for more than 12 months in 10 different pilot sites across the European Union.

In the phase of the project, the ICE-WISH consortium will provide the following:

  • a continuous management of customised information with real-time data and feedback on resource consumption,
  • a real-time advice/ guidance on optimum operation of the building systems and components,
  • an assessment of value of access to the offered interactive service,
  • an assessment of service viability and operability.

This information will be provided to the user via a Android STB connected to the TV. A more detailed analyses of the data will be provided, via the internet, on a web-page.

ICE WISH Architecture

ICE-WISH application

The ice wish application is installed on and Android STB, using android 2.3 OS. The application is compatible with all Android STB, phones and tablets.

The application has four main screens


The MY HOME screen offers the user a general look at the consumption of energy, the cost of each utility and a performance indicator.

The ADVICE screen offers the user different advices on how to minimise energy consumption for each utility, and how to stay in control of the usage. The SETTINGS screen offers the user the capability to change tariffs, the utility displayed and language.

The system is intended to work in 10 countries across the EU, and the ICE-WISH application has to cope with different utilities and different systems and tariffs. The system can measure all types of utilities, and can handle most types of tariff (day and night tariff, different starting and ending hours for the tariff, standing charges, etc).

The next step is to finish installing the remaining 29 dwellings in France, Bulgaria, Denmark, UK, Poland, Italy and Greece by the end of April.

UPL Energy Life Pro

The system will upload all the readings to a cloud server, where the tenants will be able to see more detailed analyses of their consumption. The system also allows supervisors to analyse multiple dwellings and buildings together. The system is design and operated by Utility Partner Limited. Below you can see different screen shots of the Energy Life Pro.