Mobile Application Research and Development Lab

The lab was established between 2005 and 2010 with significant direct funding of £250K for servers and networking kits and tools, as well as in-kind funding from Orange Labs UK in the form of:

  • Supply, install and operate a fully functional indoor 3G Node B (value £200k) for the research use
  • Supply and support of full NGN IMS system where University took over all research and development activities on the system
  • 100 SIM cards for research purposes

Activities in the lab resulted in innovative video to the mobile solution that led to many applications including the LiveGuard security system that was the base for the spin-out company Glamex Security Ltd.

The Ambient Intelligence Lab

The lab was established in 2010 comprising full set of programmable sensor boards and sensing devices. It also includes large range of smart phones. The lab offers the opportunity of setting up various sensor setups with variable and adaptive sensing frequencies. Research using the sensor kits and mobile allowed the following ongoing projects:

  • Development of hybrid sensor/MANET communications protocol that allows rapidly deployable disaster communications system
  • Low cost system for diagnosing early symptoms of dementia